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Are you tired of trying to do your accounting? Are you worried about making a mistake and getting in trouble with the I.R.S.? Relax, Roberts Accounting is here. Our accounting services can take the stress out of tax season and ensure everything is filed properly.

Roberts Accounting started to make every business owner's life easier. Our C.P.A.s are trained in bookkeeping, tax preparation, and public accounting to help you develop flawless financial strategies for your business. All of our services are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs

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Our Core Values

Honesty:  We believe that the truth is always the best policy. We will be honest with you about your financial situation and offer advice that we believe is in your best interest. We believe in transparency, so our customers know exactly where they stand financially before working together - no surprises whatsoever.

High-quality work:   As a leading accounting firm, we're committed to delivering high-quality service and integrity. We won't cut corners or take any shortcuts - it's what makes us different from the rest! Our team comprises dedicated professionals who take great pride in providing them with quality work at all times.

Professionalism: We maintain a high level of professionalism in everything we do because it's important for us to act with integrity and respect. Our courtesy pays off whenever any of our clients need help. Our C.P.A.s have years of experience working with business owners and individuals to gain control over their finances and elaborate the best strategies.

Meet Our Talented Team Members

C.P.A. Brent Roberts

With over 20 years of public accounting experience, Brent decided to found Roberts Accounting. His ability to deal with people and enterprises and have a great team helped grow Roberts Accounting into a successful practice that aids individuals and businesses achieve their financial objectives.

C.P.A. Ena Roberts

With federal and state governments increasing audits on both individuals and firms, having an expert C.P.A. is more important than ever before. With her vast experience in public accounting, Ena fulfills this responsibility with her extensive understanding and professionalism. She is also fluent in Spanish.

C.P.A. Olena Lerner

Olena has evolved into our most important accounting technician, thanks to her incredible capacity to ingest massive amounts of complex information. She assists clients in producing financial statements, and numerous regulatory government reports at the highest level of quality. She's also fluent in Russian and Ukrainian.

We Are Your Go-To Accounting Services

Roberts Accounting is a reliable and experienced accounting firm that can provide you with the necessary services to keep your business finances in check. We have been providing quality services for years, and we are dedicated to helping our clients grow and succeed. You can trust our C.P.A.s with any task, from bookkeeping to elaborating tax-saving strategies.

We like to see our business as a team of knowledgeable tax preparers and as an aid for individuals and business owners to understand the world of finances. We know it can get quite overwhelming to deal with finances on your own; however, we are here to help you.

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