Difference between CPA vs. Public Accountant

Posted by admin on July 27, 2021

There are many types of accounting and tax professionals, like public accountants and certified public accountants. While the names might get confusing, and sometimes their functions might overlap, many differences are important to understand to better gauge which services are right for you.

Usually, a certified public accountant, or CPA for short, goes through a specific educational program and a grueling exam that greatly prepares them for the tasks they’ll be working on. Also, a CPA is allowed to perform certain tasks that accountants are legally not allowed to do.

There are many more differences between a CPA and a public accountant. That’s why we’ll go over most of them to help you understand what the best choice is for you!

What Does a CPA Do?

To better understand this subject, it’s better to start with a general overview of what a CPA does since most differences lay here.

Certified public accountants’ bread and butter are analyzing and reporting on financial data. Within their duties, you might find:

  1. Develop or update an organization’s accounting procedures and policies, like bookkeeping methods, reporting, and monitoring.
  2. Participe in or oversee the budget creation process.
  3. Supervise internal audits.
  4. Develop reports for government audits or tax purposes.
  5. Prepare financial reports for the organization’s management.
  6. Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  7. Ensure the organization follows government guidelines and regulations.

Is a CPA The Better Option?

In general terms: yes. A CPA will always be better qualified than an accountant to perform their duties. You also benefit from being recognized by the government as a credible expert in their field.

As stated before, a CPA can perform certain duties that regular accountants are not permitted to perform, like preparing audited financial statements or representing the company before the IRS.

Get What’s Best For You

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