Why You Should Hire a CPA

Posted by admin on July 27, 2021

As a business owner, it’s pretty difficult to understand when’s the right time to give out the reins of your accounting responsibilities to a third party. Still, sometimes it’s best to do just that. Accounting services are a very important part of any business since they help you and your business make more financially sound decisions.

While you might go at it alone for a while, it’s good to understand that hiring a third party can be very beneficial because they have more experience in the subject and because having an external “eye” will help when making difficult financial decisions.

There are many accounting services available for you. Still, it’s important to understand their differences to gauge what’s best for you and your business. Two of the most common options are accountants and CPAs.

Up next, we’ll go over both of them to explain why most of the time, a certified public accountant is the best option for businesses looking for accounting services.

They’ll Save You Money

There are a lot of preventable ways to avoid losing money when it comes to accounting procedures. That’s why consulting a certified public accountant can really help you save lots of money due to their expertise. How? Here are a couple of ways:

  1. No more IRS penalties: when dealing with the IRS, you must be very savvy regarding tax returns procedures. If you make a mistake, the IRS doesn’t consider ignorance of the law as an excuse, so you’ll end up paying a costly penalty. Having a CPA by your side takes this issue out of your hand completely.
  2. Tax rebates: if your office usually purchases things, your CPA will bring tax rebates to your attention and help you out by correctly applying them on your tax returns.
  3. Deductions: your CPA will also help you maximize your deductions.
  4. Business advice: finally, due to their expertise working with various businesses, they can help you out with general business advice.

They’re Experts

Certified public accountants obviously are experts on their craft, but why is that so important? Well, in the case of tax filings, you could probably do it by yourself. Still, the wide expertise that comes with a CPA can spot rookie mistakes that can become costly penalties in the long run.

Not only that, but due to their experience, they can help you prepare the documents, file them, and certainly advise you in ways you can reduce your tax liability. Also, they can represent you in the case there is an audit of your business!

They Offer More Services

CPAs not only deal with tax returns and filings, but they can also help you out with financial statements, periodical bookkeeping, develop an accounting system, budgets, forecast cash flow, and even provide payroll services.

As stated before, due to their years of experience working with various businesses, they can also offer sound financial advice!

The Roberts Accounting Difference

Deciding to hire a CPA can be a pretty big one for most businesses. It’s an expense, and sometimes business owners are reluctant to completely share their financial information with a third party.

At Roberts Accounting, we offer you comprehensive accounting services provided by certified professionals that will greatly benefit your business financially. If you’re looking for a certified public accountant in Los Angeles, we’re simply the best choice for you!

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